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Kasia Polkowska Circle Stained Glass Mosaic Exaple
29 Apr 2016

Preview to Circle Cutting

In the below video I give a preview of cutting small glass circles by hand. This technique requires no grinding which can be a messy, unnecessary step when cutting simple shapes for mosaics.  Also grinding very small shapes can be a bit rough on one’s fingertips.  To create my circles, I just use a flathead tile nipper, carefully shaping each circle by hand, adding a unique accent to my stained glass mosaic artwork.

I’ve cut thousands of circles using this technique.  For example, I counted that in one of my landscapes, I had nearly 2,000 hand-shaped circles.  In the online class, I go into much more detail on how to create small glass circles for our class flower designs.  I give extra pointers and will be adding a new tutorial with an updated, improved method we’ve developed by carefully watching our students in the in-studio classes and catching what they struggle with.

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