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FAQ about Classes

What are the current Online Classes offered by Kasia Mosaics?

Currently there are two online classes: the Online Flower Class as well as the Online Owl Class. Even though the classes use themed template designs as the basis for learning, the concepts learned in the class are meant to be applied beyond the class templates.  Following the class, many students quickly go on to working on their own designs which is the goal of the class.  

Do I need to have art and/or mosaic experience to enroll in an Online Class?

No.  The students in the Online Classes vary from complete beginners to intermediate mosaicists. The class is designed in a way that a complete beginner can learn and create his or her first mosaic but also use the class continually as he or she improves and gains new technique and skills that Kasia teaches with the extensive curriculum.  Even an experience hobbyist will benefit from what the class entails as there are so many approaches to mosaics – this one is customized to working with stained glass.

I’m not great with navigating computers, will I be able to navigate the class properly?

Yes.  It is recommended that you fully browse the website and read all the Online Class related content prior to purchasing the class.  Once you sign up, if you do end up having any trouble with any aspect of navigating the class page, Kasia will help you along making sure you are able to get the most out of the course. 

Here are the most common navigation issues encountered by students.
  • Students loose/forget their log in username and password.
  • Students try to use the class without logging in – remember that you have to log in each time you’d like to use the class.
  • Students forget to click the ‘Start the Course’ button to enter the class – this button only appears to registered students once they are logged in and have paid for the class.
  • Students don’t look at the table of contents on the front page of the class and may have a difficult time finding what they are looking for, most commonly the class templates. Just take a moment to look at the table of contents and navigation should be much easier.
I’ve never taken an Online Course and am nervous about signing up.  Is there anyway to ask additional questions before committing to the class?

After reading all the information on the Online Class Page if you still have unanswered questions please email Kasia or schedule a phone call if you’d like to briefly discuss your concerns.

Is the class available worldwide?  Do I get a lifetime access?

Yes and Yes.  Students from any country can enroll in the class.  Once you sign up you get instant, lifetime access to the class material.  This means that you can start any time and revisit the class as often and as many times as you’d like.

Are any upcoming Studio Classes scheduled?

No. Currently there are no more classes scheduled for the rest of 2017 as well as 2018.

Does Kasia Give Private Lessons?

There is no option for private instructions but a private group class can be arranged for 4+ students though not for 2017 or 2018.

Do Kasia and Kyle do traveling workshops?

Not generally.  In 2015, Kyle and Kasia did an extensive US tour and have taught 20 classes through out different regions of the country.  This was a one time special project – traveling classes are not a focus of the Kasia Mosaics Studio as both Kasia and Kyle are full time artists and designers with a busy schedule. 

Can I start a business based on Kasia’s classes and templates?

No. Everything on this website has been created with an education purpose in mind. Kasia Mosaics is not a franchise. All the templates are copyrighted to Kasia Mosaics and may only be used for educational and hobby purposes. Please DO NOT purchase anything on this page if your intentions are to sell, exhibit or to claim the works created from Kasia’s templates as your own original artwork.

This is standard practice for copyrighted templates. It is not unique to Kasia Mosaics. Most templates that you can buy on the market are only meant for hobby purposes and strictly not for using for profit, meaning that any artwork created from the templates cannot be sold or claimed as an original design. Furthermore, for those people who are not aware, template based projects may not be entered into gallery shows or any kind of exhibit – another standard practice to be aware of – you don’t want to be kicked out once the jury finds out that many other people around the world are creating the same project in an Online Class.

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask Kasia about it prior to purchasing a class or templates. It is important to be aware of copyrights and standard practices, especially for all new comers to art world who hope to grow as a strong, successful artist.

But doesn’t paying for the class entitle me to sell all the work created from the class templates? Didn’t I buy the designs?

No. Buying the class, pays for the extensive content of the class that Kasia has worked really had to design and present via this wonderful website. The lessons that you will learn, will help elevate your work to a new level, you will gain knowledge of a technique Kasia has worked on for 10+ years and you will gain the confidence to take your work to a new level – this will pay for itself many times over. The class templates are included for students’ educational use at no additional cost. The students are not actually purchasing the rights to the designs, just permission to use the templates for the class purposes.

If you still have a difficult time understanding why you should not try to sell any of the work created in any template based class, think about it from a different perspective.

Imagine telling your customers that the mosaic you are selling them is actually a class project and that many other people have created very similar pieces. Further more imagine adding that it was designed by another artist/teacher. None of this would be well received by a potential buyer. Another example is submitting artwork to an exhibit. Template based work is prohibited to be submitted as original artwork to any gallery or show – this is standard practice. So remember that the class templates are meant to be fun class projects and a good starting point while you develop your skills and build confidence – they are not meant to be a basis to build an art portfolio or a business.


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