Kasia Polkowska
Stained Glass Mosaic Artist and Teacher
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LocationAlamosa, Colorado
Current WorkStained Glass Mosaic Artist and Teacher
Specialist InSained Glass Mosaics
Experience10+ Years Active in the Field


I am a Polish born artist (b. 1983 Warsaw, Poland). I graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 2006 with a BFA in Painting. Currently I am living and working in Denver, Colorado where I am a full time artist. My work ranges in various themes of nature, mainly focusing on the Great American Landscape. Through my stained glass mosaics, drawings and photographs, I express my love of nature, patterns, colors and the hand-made. I research and seek out natural environments of interest and explore them on foot while hiking as well as photographing them for future references. I then create impressions of what I found most beautiful and curious, drawing my inspiration from the magic, the mystery and the magnificence of Mother Nature. Each project is a way for me to investigate and further explore what draws me in and captures my curiosity, what I believe would also captivate my audience while inspiring them to appreciate, enjoy and care for the great outdoors.