New Class Templates

12 Feb 2017

New Templates and a New Tutorial

Recently I’ve added 12 Bonus templates to the Online Flower Class. The original set of 12 flower templates come with a blank background. This gave the students the flexibility to work with the broken glass pattern covered in the class and to eventually add their own unique patterns for the flower backgrounds. The new addition of 12 templates come with added background pattern guidelines. For each flower I’ve added a geometric sunburst pattern around each flower design. This provides more design options as well as added learning opportunity. In the class, a tutorial with photos, text and video is included to cover this latest lesson.

Watch the short video to get a glimpse into the creation of one of the class flowers you can make as a student in the Kasia Mosaics Online Class.

Take a look at the completed class flower. This design is ideal for a first ever mosaic project for a beginner mosaic artist but because of its attractive design can make a great project for a novice as well as an intermediate or an advanced mosaic student.



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