InstructorKasia Polkowska
TypeOnsite Course
DateFeb 4, 2017 - Feb 5, 2017
PlaceAlamosa, Colorado
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The price of $295 covers all materials, a custom oak frame for the class mosaic, a set of 8 flower templates to for class use and to take home, use of all tools in class and a 12 page colorful pdf with useful mosaic information . The students will also receive an email with a link to class photos and links to where they can purchase the needed tools to continue creating mosaics following the class. When you sign up with a friend, each student saves $15.

Why This Class?

A Few Reasons ...

Learn from a professional, working artist with 10 years experience in the field.

Beginners welcome – no prerequisites.

Small classes - lots of one on one attention.

Learn the basics of cutting glass for stained glass mosaics – we do not use grinders or saws.

No drawing skills required.

Each student gets a set of 8 templates to take home for future projects.

Choose one of the 8 designs for your class project.

All materials needed to complete the class project are included.

Choose from over 20 colors of beautiful (US Made) Spectrum stained glass.

Use of all needed tools included in class cost.

Learn the convenient front-mounting technique that is ideal for fine art mosaics and used by Kasia to create all of her art.

Cut, Arrange,Glue, Grout and finish your mosaic in just one day!

Gain the confidence and skills to continue creating stained glass mosaics at home.

What Past Students Are Saying

2 Day Mosaic Owl/Flower Workshop
Kasia Mosaics 2 Day Mosaic Owl/Flower Workshop
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Examples of Completed Student Mosaics

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Learn How To Use These Tools

The Basic Tools
Pencil Grip Glass Scoring Tool
Wheeled Nippers
Thomas Grip Glass Scoring Tool
Running Pliers
Pistol Grip Glass Scoring Tool
Flathead Tile Nippers

Where and When

The Kasia Mosaics Studio is located four hours Southwest in Alamosa, Colorado two blocks from the Main Street in the center of town.

This is a 2 day class typically scheduled for Saturdand and Sunday though it can be scheduled for any two consecutive days of the week during the time of 10am – 5pm. On the first day of class there is a 1 hour lunch break in the middle of the day and on the second day there are two 30 minute breaks through out the class. (Bring Your Own Lunch).

Directions: Email for the address of the home studio and for directions.

Cancelation Policy

Cancellation of attendance will be available for a full refund 4 weeks prior to the date of the class. The refund may not include the paypal fee which will not be available past 60 days of payment due to Paypal not issue any refunds past 60 days so the refund will come in the form of a mailed personal check minus the paypal fees.

Cancellation with 4-2 weeks notice ahead of class will receive 50% of the refund. If you get a friend to sign up in your name, you will receive a full refund (email for this option).

With less than 2 weeks ahead of class, a full refund will only be available if there is a waiting list or another student comes forth to take that space.

* Kasia Mosaics Art Classes are a very small operation and even one last minute cancellation with less than 2 weeks notice can be very problematic if the canceled student will cause the number of sign ups to go below the minimum number needed to make the class possible. A refund will not be issued to that student as it will be kept by the instructor to enable the class to go as planned out of respect to the other signed up students as class cannot be canceled with less than 2 weeks notice.

In the February class, you can choose between an Owl or a Flower.  If you can't make the February class but have a group of 4, we can set up a private class for a future date. Please email Kasia for scheduling.

Learn Stained Glass Mosaics

This is an All-Level two day stained glass mosaic intensive. The students create a 12″ custom framed mosaic Flower art piece while learning and experiencing the whole stained glass mosaic process from start to finish gaining the skills and confidence to continue creating mosaics at home. The class is currently limited to 10 students, though it is usually between 3-6 students.

Attending a mosaic class in Illinois brought a new dimension to my glass art. So inspiring! ~ Ginny from Sycamore,IL - Student on the Kasia Mosaics Tour

No previous mosaic or art related experience is required. Kasia will guide the students through the whole process and provide a selection of flower designs for the student projects. All the designs are created by Kasia with the intention to teach the use of repetitive shapes to create a successful mosaic while practicing cutting glass – an essential skill in the kind of art Kasia creates. The designs are well suited for a beginner allowing him or her to complete the project during class time though each one can also be utilized by an intermediate student who chooses to put more detail into the design or to add their own flair to it.

Learn to cut and shape stained glass specifically for mosaics.
Learn to arrange and fit glass into a mosaic composition.
Learn the taping method also know as the front-mounting technique.
Learn to glue and grout indoor mosaic wall art.

Class Overview

Students are welcome to come to class up to 15 minutes early to set up and get comfortable.  Anyone who shows up earlier can take advantage of the Mmm Coffeeshop in the courtyard of the building. The class starts promptly at 10am as it is jam packed with information and all students work to complete their project in the class time so showing up on time is key.  Complimentary coffee, tea and water are available through out the class both days.

Upon arriving in the studio, the students go through their template packet and choose one for the class project. The class starts out with Kasia giving various demos of glass cutting and an introduction of the tools (glass scoring tools, running pliers, flathead tile nippers and wheeled nippers). The students follow by practicing cutting glass while Kasia gives pointers and tips prior to approaching the project.  A color palette is discussed as a group and Kasia helps students individually to arrive at a good combination.

I took a weekend class during the 2015 US tour and loved it!  Kasia is incredibly talented and willing to share her skills and secrets with students.  Watching her cut a tiny circle of glass with tile nippers is mesmerizing.  I taught myself mosaics and had been doing them for a few years, but learned many things during her class that have impacted my process and given me more confidence in my favorite hobby. ~ Sally. S - Fort Worth, TX

Process Photos from Class

The mosaics come to life very quickly during the two day class.  The finished, framed projects are impressive for sure but the process of how they come together is equally fascinating..

Kasia has taught over 300 students since starting out teaching in 2014 – join the growing community of mosaic artists by signing up for a class today.  Can’t make a studio class?  Check out the online version of the popular 2 day flower workshop